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A leading home remodeling contractor in Fort Myers, Florida, Trinity Builders of Southwest Florida has been providing residents of the area with superior craftsmanship, professional consultation, and excellent service. 

With a full team of in-house design and construction experts, Trinity Builders of Southwest Florida assists clients at every step of the remodeling and construction process of their home improvement project. From design to construction, we take an active role in giving you the best service possible.

Our extensive experience with home remodeling makes us the company of choice for many homeowners in Fort Myers. We know the Florida spirit like the back of our hands, that’s why we’re able to build beautiful living spaces ideal for Fort Myers residents. Our attention to detail is second to none. We consider all design aspects and the preferences of our clients. 

We inspect every nook and cranny, from the initial construction to the reveal, making sure our work is nothing less than polished. Superior workmanship characterizes our work. 

Our team works closely with homeowners, suggesting great color palettes, the ideal materials, and practical shapes. We use quality equipment, paints, wood, and other materials, so you get a living space you’d enjoy for years.

Trinity Builders of Southwest Florida is a family-owned company that has provided construction services to Fort Myers residents for over 50 years. Generations before us, our family patriarch was already in the business of building homes for local residents. 

Our expertise and experience in this field, to this day, serve us well and allow us to provide customers with a variety of remodeling and construction options. 

From Kitchens & Baths and custom cabinets, to counter-tops and full remodeling services, our company provides you with the best solutions to your home improvement needs.


In our kitchen remodels, we envision an area that brings people together. Whether it’s an outdoor or an indoor kitchen, our team considers the needs of the client. How big of a countertop do they need? How many cabinets do they prefer? We take a look at all the aspects and come up with a design specially tailored for the client.

Our bathroom remodel projects often earn the praise of clients (and their friends, too). This is because our team prioritizes efficient layouts and beautiful fixtures. Combining aesthetics and functionality, we build bathrooms you can enjoy after a long day’s work.

Trinity Builders of Southwest Florida brings your ideal living space to life. Call us today, and let’s discuss how to revamp your home.

Bathroom Remodeling

Think your bathrooms are outdated? Let our team bring it to the present! We build baths where you can relax and find respite.

Kitchen Remodeling

Give your kitchen a new life with a professional remodeling. We build a cooking and dining area your family would love to spend time in.

Home Remodeling

Our guarantee is to work for you with a spirit of excellence and produce the highest quality products for your home.


Design is our specialty, and we look forward to creating a living space for you. Select one of our services and learn how we can assist you with all of your needs.

Why Choose Us

Our one-of-a-kind projects have left countless clients satisfied. Trust that we could do the same to you, too. Trinity Builders of Southwest Florida will give you a living space you can call your own.


The highest quality of design and artistry made by our hands. All cabinets are made in our shop, located in Fort Myers, FL.


We are on top of things, we plan, measure twice and execute accordingly and if you have any questions, we are here to address it promptly .


The highest quality of design and artistry made by our hands. Trinity Builders of Southwest Florida is dedicated to superior standards of workmanship. Our home remodeling in Fort Myers makes the most of your space while building rooms that reflect your personality. It is, after all, your space, and we want you to really call it your own.


Home remodeling is one of the biggest investments you’ll make next to buying the actual house. The changes in your kitchen or bathroom would remain for many years, as it’ll be hard and expensive to undo them. That’s why you should choose a trusted home remodeling firm that can do it right the first time.

At Trinity Builders of Southwest Florida, quality is our priority. Our goal is to build a living space that’s both practical and beautiful. From the first wood panel to the last coat of paint, we see to it that your home receives a stunning update.


Create the perfect unique design and bring your dreams to life. Trinity Builders of Southwest Florida knows that your home is a reflection of who you are. Your preferences make it different from the rest of the neighborhood, and this is why put a premium on custom designs.

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