Custom Cabinets in Fort Myers

Our craftsmen design and build fine custom cabinets in various colors and styles.

Creating Your Ideal Storage

Watch this behind the scenes video and see the process it takes to create your custom cabinets. Learn about our commitment to produce your high quality products.

Our priority is superior craftsmanship, and this has made us to go-to cabinet makers in Fort Myers, Florida. Over the years, we have honed our expertise, and we continue to enhance our skills with each project we take.

Our services begin with an initial consultation. We discuss your ideal cabinet—how they look like, what part of the house they’ll be placed, how much space they’ll occupy.

We advise you to bring magazine clips, photos, or videos similar to the cabinet design you have in mind. It’s alright if you aren’t sure about what you want, though, we’ll be happy to help you out in that aspect, too.

Then, we come up with a final design and visit your home to get the exact measurements. We compile all the details about your cabinets — the colors, type of wood, shape, size, and even handles.

With your approval, our shop begins building. We order the best quality materials, from the wood down to the paint. Our team pays close attention to the design, and the measurements are followed to the last inch. Then, we install the cabinets securely in your kitchen or bathroom. Although we work fast, we don’t compromise quality.

You’re left with stunning and practical cabinets that would lend charm to the room and make storage a breeze.

Watch this behind the scenes video and see the process it takes to create your custom cabinets. Learn about our commitment to produce your high quality products.


Trinity Builders of Southwest Florida has built a reputation for elegant living spaces that bring people together. We’ve handled countless projects spanning various styles, materials, and budget ranges. Our team has encountered and solved many construction conundrums—limited spaces, irregularly shaped rooms, and hard-to-match interiors, among others. On top of that, we’ve built a network of reliable suppliers and partners who help us build the best cabinets in Fort Myers. For those reasons, our cabinets are the toast of the town. Practical and stylish, they store your things comfortably. Everything has its place, making your everyday routine more convenient. The cabinets also increase the charm of your home; they give the place more dimension and a cozy atmosphere. Don’t just take our word or it. Take a look at our portfolio and see what we could do for you. Interested in something you saw? Don’t hesitate to call us! Let’s discuss your ideal cabinets.


Stock cabinets may be a convenient choice for your home remodeling project. But if you’re looking for cabinets that truly suit your needs, then you’ll need custom cabinets like ours. Here are a few reasons they’re the better option.

They Fit Your Home Perfectly

The downside of installing stock cabinets is that they might not fit the existing space. This could delay the project by weeks and increase building costs. If you settle, your room would have unsightly and awkward gaps. You won’t have this problem when you opt for custom cabinets because they’re tailored to fit your kitchen or bathroom perfectly.

They Blend with the Interior Design

You get to pick the materials—the type of wood, the colors, the handles, and more. The resulting product, consequently, is a reflection of your identity. On top of that, you can match them with your interior design. It’s difficult, after all, to find a ready-made cabinet that would blend seamlessly with the existing interior design.

They Make the Most of the Storage Space

The main purpose of a cabinet is to store items. Stock cabinets, though, might not make the most of the space you have. When you opt for custom cabinets, you ensure that every inch of the space is maximized. You won’t need fillers—we design cabinets that span the entire breadth of the kitchen or the bathroom so you could keep all your items, with room to spare.

They’re Built to Last

Our cabinets are made of the finest materials and handled by some of the best craftsmen around. You can rest easy knowing that your custom cabinets would give you many years of service.

Custom Cabinets Photo Gallery

Browse our picture gallery below and enjoy images of our fine custom cabinetry.


Design is our specialty, and we look forward to creating a living space for you. Select one of our services and learn how we can assist you with all of your needs.