Not Sure Which Countertops To Choose? These 5 Questions Will Help You Decide

Your kitchen design won’t be complete without countertops. Since they play an important role in food preparation, they need to be presentable, economical and durable. When it comes to choosing materials for your countertop, making a decision is tough. While there might be endless options in the market, you don’t have to be intimidated. By knowing your priorities and asking the right questions, you will be able to find the materials that suit your preference. Before you commit, ask yourself these following questions:

1. What is the purpose of your countertops?

You can’t come up with any design without knowing how you’re going to use your countertops. Will you use it for cooking? Do you want to use your countertop for dining occasionally? Since there are many choices to make, it will be hard for you to make the right choice unless you start with identifying the purpose of your countertops. This question will also help you with choosing the material that can withstand food stains.

2. How much effort are you willing to put into countertop care?

As much as you would like your design to be as modern as possible, some materials require regular maintenance. For instance, if you choose materials like limestone, granite, and marble, you need to make sure that you seal them at least once a year. Even if you have a wooden countertop, it will still require you to apply Danish oil twice a year. While it might be easy to be attracted to the material, it is still necessary to assess whether or not you can keep up with its demands. The material that requires regular maintenance can take so much of your time. You need to preserve its beauty by making sure that it gets regular care. Take time to analyze the material before giving it a go.

3. What are your requirements for your kitchen?

Take note of the required dimension, linear feet and other important details you may need for your kitchen remodeling project to be successful. Once you have gathered all the information you need, it will be easy for you to analyze your budget, choose the materials you need and employ techniques that can help you save money. Granite and marble are always appealing, but if your budget won’t permit these materials, you need to consider other options instead. There are other materials you can use that are just as appealing as granite or marble.

4. Do you know your budget?

Another important consideration when planning a kitchen remodeling project is your budget. The cost of your kitchen countertop depends on various factors including the builders and the local suppliers. The cost might be a concern, but this doesn’t mean that you should skimp on materials. There are more affordable options that can give you value for money. If it’s reasonable for you to spend more, think about the benefits that you will reap in the end.

5. What materials are the right match for you?

If you’re obsessed with the design, you surely can’t ignore the aesthetics. However, it is still impractical to choose a countertop based on its beauty. Be sure that it suits your taste, lifestyle, and budget. There are materials that only look attractive but cannot withstand food stains.  You need to be vigilant in making sure that your countertop is always clean.

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